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Is It Possible to Fool a Breathalyzer?

A lot of people are wondering how to fool a breathalyzer, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s actually more likely you’re going to heighten the chances of failing the test. Here is a list of the most popular techniques people are resorting to, as well as all the myths and realities of […]

Do DUI Roadblocks Work?

During “high risk” periods like the 4th of July Holiday or New Year’s Eve, one of the major concerns of law enforcement agencies all over the country is to intercept drunk drivers effectively. DUI roadblocks happen to one of several other effective methods of DUI enforcement. How Does A DUI Checkpoint Point Work? If you […]

Marijuana Impaired Driving Problems

Marijuana is a dangerous substance that can be harmful for human body. There are some drunk drivers who are intoxicated after smoking with this ingredient. This product can cause some serious problems when people drive under the influence of this ingredient. It is important to learn about these driving problems that can be caused by […]

Common DUI Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes in cases involving drunk driving are on the increase. More often than not these simple mistakes by offenders complicate the cases even more. Sometimes DUI cases prove difficult because they require both legal expertise and an understanding of certain scientific matters. As such it is important to prepare in advance and hire a good […]

Driver Responsibility Fees After A DUI

If you’re thinking of taking a car with you to go out for a drink, it’s best to consider this question first: Will I be able to afford the consequences if I get caught driving while intoxicated? This is a good question to reflect on as paying for the price for a DUI arrest is […]

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

The Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is a programmable device more like a breathalyzer. It is usually installed on a cars dashboard mostly at the glove compartment. Its function is to detect the Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) of the driver. The driver is supposed to breath about a liter and a half of air into the […]