Common DUI Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes in cases involving drunk driving are on the increase. More often than not these simple mistakes by offenders complicate the cases even more. Sometimes DUI cases prove difficult because they require both legal expertise and an understanding of certain scientific matters. As such it is important to prepare in advance and hire a good DUI lawyer to defend you in court.

6 common DUI mistakes

Believing the case cannot be won

Give yourself a chance; do not rush into convicting yourself. Avoid attorneys who will advise you to plead guilty. The level of alcohol found in your bloodstream might scare you off. However an experienced attorney understands that very many things should be put into consideration. Depending on the situation, your case may be dismissed or you might get a lighter penalty.

Assuming that all DUI attorneys are the same and hiring based on cost

If you are very serious about your case then you will not buy this assumption. A good DUI attorney is judged by the kind of training he possesses, the years of experience and his performance record. In addition hiring the cheapest lawyer is another common mistake. An attorney might charge less simply because he is not so much conversant with DUI cases and would do with almost any amount of money.

Trying to talk your way out of it

Never think of talking to the authorities in charge of your case like the police or prosecutor. Just imagine if the talk backfires, you will be in more trouble. Most of the talking should be between you and your attorney.

Failing to file a pre-trial motion and waiving off the preliminary hearing

Most people ignore the preliminary hearing yet they plan to go to full trial. Never do this since the preliminary hearing offers an opportunity to identify the strength or weakness of your case. A pre-trial motion is also very important in every DUI case. This is because examining the witnesses at this stage might prompt the presiding judge to dismiss the case. The biggest mistake is to relax and wait for the full trial.

Failure to visit the scene of arrest with your attorney

Always visit the area where the arrest took place immediately. This would give the attorney an insight into what actually happened. It is advisable that you take pictures of the location and use them later as evidence in court. All these would guide the attorney on what questions to ask the witnesses or the arrest officer.

Accepting the Blood or Breath Alcohol concentration (BAC) and the roadside tests

It is important for your attorney to contest your case using the BAC results. The officer must prove that the tests were done in the right manner and analysis done procedurally. Also do not just accept the roadside tests as valid. Your attorney should know the rules and regulation that govern DUI roadside tests. An experienced DUI lawyer can try and argue that the officer did not follow the roadside training manual as expected.


Note that DUI cases are very tricky and sometimes complex, hence the need for a specialized attorney. A criminal lawyer might not handle your case as best as a DUI attorney would do. It all depends on the knowledge, creativity and experience of the attorney. A very good strategy can help you win a DUI case that seemed almost impossible to win.