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Women Rights

Women’s Rights in the 21st Century

Looking at history, women have endured many ups, as well as a lot of downs throughout the centuries. Even though there were a lot of disadvantages, and negative experiences throughout these centuries, women would not be where they are today, without those experiences and downfalls.

With the ever-increasing effort to secure equal rights for women with the passing of time, the absence of gender discrimination has become more and more, and in recent years, there have been even laws implemented to prevent women from being treated unequally.

There has also been a massive shift in behavioural patterns. It has not only occurred in women, who have been able to appreciate the status of what it means to be a woman or even support one another and their rights, but also in men. Since men have always boasted entitlement and have established that they have far more authority than women, men have even experienced a change in these beliefs.

Having a woman as a CEO, Manager, Doctor, Personal Injury Lawyer or any other powerful position, have become more and more common in modern day society. It has raised a lot of respect, as men seem to respect women that are in charge, even more, today, than ever before.

The Women’s Rights Movement – A Change for the Better

For something to change in society, and the way women were viewed for hundreds of years, many factors needed to be considered and laws to be restructured.

It’s hard to think that the first women’s rights movement only began in the 19th century, which if you think about it, was not long ago. It’s even harder to believe that women suffered under the hands and authority of men for such a long time.

women rights

Women were not allowed to vote, prior to the women’s rights movement, and weren’t allowed the same legal rights as men either.

The Nineteenth Amendment

An act, referred to as the Nineteenth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, was implemented in 1920, to protect women, as well as highlight the gains they’ve made by achieving equality, as well as ending any gender discrimination. It, however, only seemed to take proper effect in the 1960’s, which directly focused on the Civil Rights legislation, to ensure African Americans, and other races that were treated as minorities were secured the legal protection and equality of all laws.

With the implementation of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, women finally had protection and support, against sex discrimination and were finally able to erase any cultural stereotypes associated with the idea of being a woman.

The real women’s rights movement thus only began in the 1960’s and continued to gain momentum into the 21st century, allowing for women’s rights to be a topic talked about more frequently, and even acknowledged daily.

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